The Interuniversity Center for Experimental Economics was jointly founded in 2007 by the Universities of Firenze, Napoli II, Salerno and Siena to promote common initiatives in the field of experimental economics, which requires the interaction and the collaboration among researchers of different areas of expertise and specialization.

The main purposes of the Center are:

a) to promote the diffusion of experimental methods in economics by supporting and facilitating the collaboration between economists and research scholars of other fields, like cognitive sciences, cognitive psychology, business economics;

b) to develop and to coordinate experimental researches by providing the technical tools needed for laboratory activity;

c) to prepare technical staff who support and manage laboratory tests and experimental data processing;

d) to organize conferences, workshops, seminars and teaching activities related to the use of laboratory methods in economic and cognitive sciences;

e) to make grants and enter contracts for experimental research projects with public and private entities.